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As a Canadian realtor, I specialize in helping foreign buyers and investors purchase real estate in Canada. At the same time, I provide assistance to my Canadian clients in buying properties overseas, including vacation homes, small hotels and resorts.

Foreign Buyers

A large portion of my clients consists of foreign buyers and investors. Serving this group requires specific knowledge and experience. Canadian law allows foreigners (non-residents of Canada) to buy, own, rent out, sell, and hand down their property to their successors without any limitations. Non-Canadians are also eligible for receiving a loan (mortgage) for the property they purchase in Canada. This makes buying properties in Canada very appealing to foreign investors. However, there are certain specifics for non-resident buyers that need to be taken into account. I help my clients prepare for purchasing real estate in Canada and guide them through the entire process.

Overseas Properies

As a part of my services to Canadian buyers, including retirees, I offer my assistance with selecting and purchasing real estate in other countries. With my help you can get through this process hassle free and avoid costly mistakes. I've carefully selected the best regions to work with, which I have studied thoroughly and where I have made arrangements with reliable partners and local specialists. My services include selecting the locations and the properties that would best meet my clients' plans and budget, as well as take into account many other important factors. I specialize in Caribbean destinations including Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, as well as southern European countries, such as Spain, Italy and Greece.


Buying property in another country is always associated with a lot of problems, including understanding the local rules and laws, finding reliable specialists, dealing with immigration issues, taxation, how to transfer money, and so on.

Therefore, my services include not only helping with finding and purchasing a real estate, but also providing information on various aspects of living and owning a property in this country so that my clients can have a clear idea of what to expect. I also help them with any issues, problems and questions they might have, including finding reliable local specialists if needed.