In addition to working with properties in Canada, I work with real estate abroad. I help my clients with making profitable investments, purchasing vacation homes, and relocating to other countries.

As a part of my services for retirees, I offer my assistance with selecting and purchasing real estate properties abroad. My goal is making this process hassle free and help my clients avoid costly mistakes. I work with the regions that I know very well, and where I have reliable partners.

I assist my clients with selecting locations and properties based on their plans, budget and other important factors. I specialize in Caribbean destinations including Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, as well as southern European countries, such as Spain, Italy and Greece.

Personal Use

Usually people buy properties abroad for two reasons. One of them is purchasing a vacation home. Such property is also considered a good investment as it can be rented out while you are not using it. Since a vacation home is bought mostly in places that are popular with tourists and vacationers, there are usually no problems with renting it out. In addition to that, these properties appreciate in value over time, which also make them an attractive purchase. Another reason for buying real estate abroad is the need to have a place to live when moving to another country permanently. This is especially popular with retirees and freelancers who can work remotely from anywhere.

Business Use

Aside from purchasing overseas properties for personal use, there is a growing trend of buying properties that can generate an income, which is especially popular among retirees. Usually this includes small hotels and resorts located in tourist areas and places that attract vacationers. Purchasing a small hotel or resort gives its owner an opportunity to live in the place he likes and to have the lifestyle he wants. In addition to that, such a purchase is a good investment, since its value only grows over time, and it provides a stable income to cover living expenses. In recent years, this trend has been gaining more and more popularity among Canadians.

SOI Investment

For those who are looking for good options for profitable investment, which does not require a huge budget, I offer to join projects that are financed through Shared Ownership Investment model. Most often this involves a purchase of a distressed small hotel or resort by a group of investors with further redevelopment and rebranding, improving financial indicators, and subsequently selling it with a good profit. Such projects usually take from 3 to 5 years, they can provide a high return on investment (up to 10% -12% per year and more), and they are considered as a more safe investment due to the fact that the main portion of funds goes into real estate.