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When dealing with recreational real estate, I focus on selecting undervalued or distressed properties with good potentials. I help prepare and implement a strategy on how to improve such properties and increase their profitability.


I specialize in working with real estate in the hospitality industry such as small hotels and resorts, lodges, Bed & Breakfasts, cottages and campgrounds, that are located around Toronto. In my opinion, this is one of the most promising trend for investing in real estate that can bring high returns in the future. There is a big inventory of outdated resorts and lodges around the GTA that are unprofitable because of mismanagement or that are worn down due to lack of funding. That means that there are plenty of opportunities to get a good deal and acquire a potentially highly profitable business.


Agricultural real estate can be used as recreational properties providing accommodation and entertainment, as well as the places for relaxation and emotional rehabilitation. Investing in such properties is becoming a popular business model, and I can help you enter this market. Specifically, I can select certain farms and agricultural facilities with good potentials and help transform them into a profitable business.


The hospitality business is a very popular option among those who have retired or who is approaching their retirement. A vacation-like lifestyle, combined with steady cash flow and property value growth, makes owning a small resort or a hobby farm a dream scenario.

The population of Toronto is growing every year and so is the demand for quality vacation options in popular recreational zones around Toronto. However, the supply is far behind this growing demand. Moreover, resorts, lodges, and B&Bs very often are outdated, worn down, and in bad shape. Besides, they don't offer much entertainment options to their guests. Such unique market conditions create opportunities for entrepreneurs with a vision. You can buy a small resort for a very reasonable price, and then turn it into a profitable business by being creative and attracting more guests.

Me and my team are ready to offer you our expert advice, help select such properties, and develop a strategy for their rebranding and improvement. Furthermore, we can assist you with implementing this strategy and recruiting specialists from other fields, if necessary.